Limestone & Energy Industry

Adding quality
to life.

Limestone, or calcium carbonate, is a natural part of everyday life.

The drinking water you use may have been purified using limestone. It is also present during the manufacturing process of products like your coffee machine or your morning newspaper. Limestone is also used in the construction of roads, concrete and other building sectors. Flue gas and industrial water purification is environmental areas that limestone supports as well.

The high energy content in coal has made it an important energy source for heat production over the years but today also highly challenged. Procarbon has several different sources and are continuously searching for purer materials. High quality products give positive impact on the environment by lowering the customers consumption, less raw material logistics and also less emissions in the flue gas.

Our products are an important part of adding quality to everyday life due to its required properties.

Carbon products used in this sector

We are used to work with strict limits when it comes to consistent quality and a size distribution which gives an optimal performance for the requested area. We offer various solutions for screening, refining and warehouse storage.