Foundry Industry

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The foundry industry is playing a more integrated role of modern lifestyle than people might think. The modern society depends on the casting technique for manufacturing components for all kind of production today. Enable us a modern and comfortable everyday life.

Metal castings are a vital part of industries such as automotive, wind power, agriculture, aerospace and municipal water structures among others. And therefore, for everyday life. Parts that are made with metal casting techniques would not be possible, or very expensive to make with other techniques. In this way metal castings really makes a difference and brings quality to our society. Our products has low levels of impurities and high levels of fixed carbon. That makes them optimal for the smelting process.

Carbon is a necessary component in the foundry industry that
enables a modern lifestyle.

Carbon products used in this sector

We are used to work with strict limits when it comes to consistent quality and a size distribution which gives an optimal performance for the requested area. We offer various solutions for screening, refining and warehouse storage.