Emission Control

For a cleaner

Today’s industrial society is dependent on new technologies to reduce emissions in the manufacturing processes. Activated carbon and filtration anthracite play a key role in the development of such technologies.

Industrial manufacturing is a necessity for our modern society’s high level welfare. It is a great challenge to keep emissions as low as ever possible.

Our activated carbon and filtration media with high adsorbing power and ability to regenerate, gives the most environmentally friendly way to reduce emissions in industrial vapors and liquids. Cutting edge emission control solutions depends on carbon products in order to work efficiently and to be sustainable.

We believe that a sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process will increase business success. It will also make the world a better place for generations to come.

Our products ensure reduction of emission levels as well as an increased use and reuse of accessible natural resources.

Carbon products used in this sector

We are used to work with strict limits when it comes to consistent quality and a size distribution which gives an optimal performance for the requested area. We offer various solutions for screening, refining and warehouse storage.