Fly Ash & Blast Furnace Slag

Fly Ash is industrial reusable waste suitable for areas such as the concrete production. Blast Furnace Slag has a demand for the same markets too.

Procarbon work with strict limitations when it comes to consistent quality. We strive to give our customers the best possible tools for a sustainable and efficient production, for each required process.

Prime markets supplied are the ferro alloy industry such as the ferro silicon, ferro chrome and silicon metal producers. Including steel, metal and foundry industries.

Depending on requirements we will source and refine suitable products subject to our customers key values like size, ash, sulphur, volatile, fixed carbon, calorific value and moisture content. Carbon products with low trace metal content such as iron, titanium, phosphorus, boron and calcium are also in our portfolio. Along with various activated carbon products and synthetic graphite suited for e.g lithium batteries.