Bio Carbon

Procarbon supply high quality materials in order to contribute to our evolving society. We offer different bio based carbon products to meet requested characteristics within industrial use.

Production of wood char is old and well known. Humans has produced wood char for over 6000 years. Today Procarbon present the next generation bio carbon production. We ensure minimal exhaust and maximal biomass exchange. In the process the bio carbon characteristics can be modified in many aspects to fit our customer’s requests.

Scientifically developed technology

Various biomass products, such as charcoals, briquettes, pellets and wood chips are customized to provide desired properties and solutions for every unique client. Our products can be used as reductants in the metallurgical industry, as energy or elsewhere where you put value in a bio based carbon product.

The bio products are made from different biomass sources and treatments depending on quality demands and requested certificates, such as FSC. Products are provided from sources in Scandinavia as well as Globally.

With our bio carbon briquettes it is now possible to increase the density, mechanical and thermal strength, content of fixed carbon and calorific value. But also lower volatile matters, ash and moisture as well as reducing the generating of dust.  All depending on our client’s requirements.

Our briquettes gives great logistical advantages. With exceptional strength and hardness the product travels easily. This along with the ability to be stored outside without absorbing moisture is what’s separating this high end product from traditional char coal characteristics.

Types of products

Different types of bio based carbon products are suited for various specialized applications.